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Exceptional Websites

Enjoy the process of creating your website!
You bring the vision, we'll bring the supplies and expertise!

Creating your website shouldn't be frustrating

✓ you're struggling to convey your style and brand personality
✓ you're tired of the back and forth, and the endless revisions
✓ the format, the plugins, and SEO tech are confusing

Together, We'll Make Your Vision Visible

We'll capture your style and brand personality to authentically represent your business online.

DONE in four weekly meetings:

• We'll capture your brand vision
• Together we'll design your website pages to highlight your unique style
• Every page will be optimized to engage your ideal clients
• No tech skills needed - we've got that covered

Style & Brand Captured

Authentically Represented

Engaged Ideal Clients

Let's get started

Together, with your vision and our experience, we'll co-create YOUR exceptional website.


Schedule A Call

Share your exciting business expectations.


Choose Your Month

Co-create your masterpiece.


Go Live

Grow with your 
authentically styled website.

WordPress Design Since 2009 | 100s Of WordPress Builds and Projects | Certified Business Made Simple Coach


Meet Laura

In 2004 I could not transfer my business' vision to a web designer. It was frustrating!


I get it, running your own company is challenging enough without having to authentically convey your vision online.


My solution became my career. As a business coach and web designer, I found that listening is the best way to authentically represent my clients' style and brand.

After 10+ years of working with hundreds of satisfied clients, I help businesses by co-creating exceptional websites tailored specifically for their needs.

I look forward to working with you!

More about Paint by Pixels Creative

Marc S.

"Such a big help in reestablishing my small businesses web presence and developing a Google friendly website." 

Your Web Design Options

A new website or a redesign of your current website either way let's capture your style and engage your audience. 

Co-Created Website

Weekly real-time website creation

Compelling brand story copywriting

Vision-to-Visual page-by-page design

Tech, plugins, and SEO set up and optimized for you

Completed - 4 Weeks

Done For You Website

No weekly real-time meetings

Compelling brand story copywriting 

Vision-to-Visual page-by-page design

Tech, plugins, and SEO set up and optimized for you

We'll ask a few questions and take it from there

Enjoy the process of co-creating your website.

Grow confidently knowing it's done right.

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