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About Paint by Pixels Creative

Paint by Pixels Creative is a product of Greencastle Web Design.

Greencastle Web Design was started in 2009 in the town of Greencastle PA. After a decade of website builds, SEO classes, StoryBrand writing, and a big move it was time to embrace a change in direction. While Greencastle Web Design still exists Paint By Pixels Creative is a new path forward utilizing coaching skills and creating processes to make your vision visable.

After working with 100's of clients I found the best way to serve is to coach clients through their website building process. Websites are made to look easy but they're not. After more than a decade of learning WordPress, SEO, and copywriting, I find that a one-on-one approach actually gets to the heart of the vision. That's why co-creating is here!



Located in Wilmington NC 28411
Working with exceptional creative entrepreneurs worldwide: USA, UK, Canada, Ireland & Australia

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