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Build a strong future with a solid foundation.

Building with a strong foundation

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Domain name

Purchase a .com preferably one that has your name, company name, or something close (it is getting harder to find domains as there are so many already taken). Read more here Choose a domain name that's right for you.

Your website needs to live somewhere - make it a nice place where WordPress and your plugins stay updated, security is always on, and back-ups are readily available and speed is a priority. ReadMore: Choosing a website host.

WordPress - why? Because WordPress will grow with you as your business evolves. Also, Google LOVES WordPress sites (SEO friendly). Read More: 7 ReasonsWordPress is The Best Choice.

Your theme helps create your design and functionality - there are so many choices so choose one that will be long-lasting. A long-lasting theme is one that is being supported by the creator of the theme. Your theme creator will update the theme as needed for bug fixes, security issues, and WordPress updates.

Plugins are an extra piece of software to enable features on your WordPress site. Adding too many plugins can actually slow your site down (and that's not good). Every website will need different plugins based on its needs. But usually, every site will need a good SEO plugin, a security plugin, and if you utilize a number of images, an image compressor.

Search Engine Optimization is absolutely necessary - you need to attract Google as well as clients. Four easy ways to get started with SEO:
• Write Good Titles
• Create solid meta descriptions
• Always optimize images
• Write for your audience


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