Why WordPress

For over a decade, we have been creating WordPress websites and have never changed or even thought about changing to another platform. We have changed themes, utilized new plugins, learned new ways to build. But leaving WordPress has never even been a thought. Below are a few reasons why.

  1. No one has ever asked me to rebuild their WordPress website onto another platform. (However, I have been asked to re-build other platforms into a WordPress site)
  2. No one has ever told me they have outgrown their WordPress site. (WordPress sites can be as large and as robust as you need)
  3. You can add to your WordPress website yourself. I suggest utilizing a WordPress Website designer to build your site then you can easily learn to add posts, pages, videos, and images.
  4. Keep your site in style. Websites change style just like clothes but no worries here. Creating a new look is easy with WordPress.
  5. Google LOVES WordPress sites and as a business, we need to LOVE Google. WordPress is SEO friendly but I suggest you hire someone who knows how to add the right optimization.
  6. So many options with WordPress, you can create an e-commerce site, a membership site, a directory, or start as a blog site and grow from there.
  7. Accept payments from your WordPress website. 

After utilizing and creating WordPress websites, we can say we appreciate all that WordPress offers. We specialize in creating exceptional websites. If you would like some help please contact us for a free consultation.

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